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Fragment of Memory 2 E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 11 August 2009 20:33

General Quest Information

Quest Type: Mission
Zone: Reshanta
Repeatable: No
Minimum Level: 35
Can Be Abandoned: No
Can Be Shared: No
Classes: Warrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric
Factions: Elyos


Kinah: 40000
Expirience: 589000

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Quest Description

Bianu Ajitaran! Welcome, YourName. I've never said it openly before, but I've always regarded you as a friend of Shadow. In spite of the risks, there's something I must tell you.

You'll learn more as you carry out this mission. For now, I cannot answer your questions, so please do as I ask. Go to the Library of the Sages in Sanctum and see the historian, Nestor. He'll tell you everything.

Bianu Ajitaran! Welcome, friend of Shadow. Now that you're here...there's something about your past that I must tell you. It will be hard to accept...but you must listen. I can explain it all to you later, but need to know...

This is all that I know. You'll need to get the Hidden Proof Orb in order to see the rest of what happened between those two. For that, though, you'll need the components. You can get a Manastone: MP +50 through hunting, and a Lapis Lazuli is found commonly in Atreia. Getting a Stone of Black Flame will be a bit more difficult. You can only find it at the Grave of Claws in the upper layer of the Abyss, and you must defeat the Black Blaze Spirit that guards it. When you've collected all the materials, take them to Alchemy Master Diana. I'll contact her in advance--when she has the materials, she'll make the Hidden Proof Orb for you.

Ah, YourName! I've been waiting for you. Nestor has ordered something for you. He always has such odd requests. Did you bring the materials?

Good. Then wait while I put it all together. It only takes a moment.... Let's see...Manastone and...Lapis Lazuli and...Black Blaze Stone...and... Finished! You can take it to Nestor now.

Perhaps Nestor gave you the wrong list? To make the orb, I'll need a Manastone: MP +50, Lapis Lazuli, and the Stone of Black Flame. No materials, no orb.

You're back, YourName. Did you take the materials to Diana? And did she make the orb I asked for?

This orb will show you the past. Something happened between Ecus and Icaronix at the Sliver of Darkness. Now you can see with your own eyes what passed between them. When you're ready, place your hand on the orb. And watch.

I've long had my doubts about what happened to Ecus. What did you see?

So it's true! Ecus is Vanished--his soul is unbound, never to find its way to an Obelisk. What a terrible loss.... It seems Icaronix knew that Ecus, like me, was a Shadow. I suppose I should explain now about the Shadow Elders. To put it simply, we seek the truths that others hide--throughout Atreia.

Young Daevas may forget that Atreia was once one world. The Cataclysm sundered that world, and we have waged war for eons as Elyos and Asmodians. Each side fights in the belief that our survival hinges on the other's destruction. But we Shadow Elders believe there is a way to reunite Atreia. Now I must let my colleagues know what happened to Ecus. Go to the Lyceum of Sanctum and tell Aithra about this.

Welcome. What is your business with me?

So Icaronix really.... Hmmm. I appreciate you coming here to tell me this despite the risks. But I don't have the authority to handle this matter. Please take this message to Boreas. And be discreet.

You don't look like you need any instruction. What can I do for you, ">Report the result to Boreas. Order: Yuditio says he has something to ask you in private. See Yuditio in Teminon Landing.

Yuditio wanted you to do something for him. He sent you to Nestor, who sent you to get a Hidden Proof Orb. You acquired the orb, and when you returned, Nestor told you to use it to see the past with your own eyes. When you told Nestor that you had seen Icaronix killing Ecus, he revealed himself as a member of the Shadow Elders, and said Icaronix must have had known Ecus's true identity as a Shadow. He asked you to let his colleagues know, so you told the story to Aithra and Boreas.


Chech the user comments for a walkthrough, or submit one by yourself.

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