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Rings of the Chieftain's Wives E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 02 July 2009 05:20

General Quest Information

Quest Type: Quest
Zone: Altgard
Repeatable: No
Minimum Level: 14
Can Be Abandoned: Yes
Can Be Shared: Yes
Classes: Warrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric
Factions: Asmodian


Kinah: 0
Expirience: 31500

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Quest Description

I'm a poor woman, living a poor woman's life. You Daevas have no idea how hard it can get for us Humans. I hunt, but it's only enough to feed myself, there's never any leftover to sell. If I told you I needed your help to make some Kinah and get out of this town, would you listen?

Rich folks back in Pandaemonium collect Sapien stuff--MuMu hairpins, Mau claws, that kind of thing. What I'm after is something special. Stories say the MuMu chieftain gives a ring to each of his wives. In the stories, there are three different kinds: Ring of Passion, Ring of Jealousy, and Ring of Love. If I get all three, you see what they'd be worth? MuMu rings straight from the storybooks! They'll pay a fortune!

Why would they tell a story if it wasn't true? And you Daevas think you're smart. If you're headed to the MuMu village, would you get those rings for me? Please? You'd be helping a poor woman make something of herself.

That's very kind of you! The MuMu village is just north of Idun's lake. Chieftain Manumumu's six wives are named Mumu Lu, Mumu Zen, Mumu Ring, Mumu Ang, Mumu Zoo, and Mumu Di. I see Lu, Zen, and Ang there morning to afternoon, and Ring, Zoo, and Di walk around from evening to dawn. Get me a complete set of MuMu rings, and it'll turn my fortunes right around.

Aw, of course it's true! It's just too dangerous for me to go there by myself! You can just walk away, Daeva, but I'm stuck here. You could at least bring me some happiness for once in my life.

Well, YourName, did you find them? Did you get the rings? The full set of Ring of Passion, Ring of Jealousy, and Ring of Love?

No, those aren't all of them. Are you sure you found the chieftain's wives? Keep looking! Remember, it's Ring of Passion, Ring of Jealousy, and Ring of Love that you're looking for.

Let's see here... Yep, that's all of them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Daeva. Now I can quit hunting, maybe I can even move to the city and settle down there.... Thank you again, YourName. You've made a poor woman rich, even if only for now.

Nerhel said that the rings of Manumumu's six wives are very valuable. Defeat MuMu Lu, MuMu Ring, MuMu Zoo, MuMu Zen, MuMu Ang, and MuMu Di and take their rings to Nerhel so that she can start a new life.

Nerhel complained about being poor and unable to make a living by simply hunting. To help make her fortune, she asked you to collect rings from the MuMu Chieftain's six wives. You went to the MuMu Village, defeated Chieftain Manumumu's wives, and took the Ring of Passion, the Ring of Jealousy, and the Ring of Love to Nerhel so that she could start a new life.


Chech the user comments for a walkthrough, or submit one by yourself.

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